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All the features you need to turn your website into a mobile app

Works with any website

Any web app or website built for mobile users will work well with Slide. If your site or app is designed to be used on a smartphone, then it's a great fit for a mobile app and Slide.

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Native look & feel

You get native animations, a native splash screen, native tab navigation internal or external browser for links to provide an experience which is as close as possible to a native mobile app.

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Updates automatically

Forget about maintaining and updating your app to bring new features to your users. Anything you change in your web app will be instantly available to your native app users!

You don't need to maintain a second or third platform (if you build natively, iOS and Android require separate updates).

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Change colors, styles, icon, splash screen and more to match your brand.

With Slide's you get to configure and change everything about your app remotely - no need to wait for an app update to roll out changes in navigation, style or pages.

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No distractions

A Slide app shows only the navigation you want to help users move around your app, usually a native tab bar. With this focused experience you'll see higher time spent on your app, more pages seen per session and will offer people a better user experience!

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Your own app icon

Your own icon on the home screen is a constant reminder of your web app. People use apps for anything they use frequently. Without an app, you risk simply being forgotten. Get your own brand and icon on peoples' phones and be there, top of mind, whenever they need or have time for your app.

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Push notifications

Push notifications are an incredible channel to drive continued and repeated use of your app or service. Retain customers, encourage more frequent use and alert your users of anything critical or relevant using push notifications. We integrate with Onesignal, leaders in push notifications delivery at scale.

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Message Center

A native part of your app where your users can find all the rich messages you've sent using push notifications.

Keep users logged in

You must hear this all the time. People are tired of logging in again and again to your website. With your own app, cookies can be made to last as long as you want, for the smoothest user experience on smartphones and tablets.

Offline support

We won't do miracles, but if your progressive web app supports offline use with a manifest, then your Slide app will too!

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Advanced Analytics

We integrate with Firebase, Google Analytics and Onesignal to provide a detailed view on how your users view your app. All at no extra cost.

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Works with any website

Like a dedicated browser for your app - you control the user experience and navigation. Your web app runs like it does in Chrome or Safari.

Make changes without updates

Control everything about your app and make changes remotely from the Slide dashboard.

Completely whitelabel

No Slide branding anywhere in your app. It's your own app, fully branded with your design, logo, colors.

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