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Turn your web app into a native mobile app

Publish it on App Store and Google Play. Grow traffic and engagement with push notifications.

Publish your web app on App Store and Google Play

It works with any website, web app or PWA. If it runs well on mobile, it will make a great app!

We build and submit it for you

We take care of all the hard work for you, including graphic design.

Find your users on App Stores

Get found on the stores when people search your brand or relevant keywords.

Drive usage with push notifications

Mobile apps regularly get more usage than web apps thanks to push notifications, a better user experience and fast access on mobile devices, where people spent most of their time.

Grow active users and improve retention

Implementing push notifications into your strategy can increase retention by up to 20%

Your app icon on the homescreen

Get your web app's icon on your users' devices, phones or tablets. It's a constant reminder of your app and the way people bookmark services they use the most.

Go live in days rather than months

With Slide your app is just another view for your same web app, you reuse 100% of your code and get to launch in just a few days!

Save 100s of development hours

Building a native app for your web app would normally mean rebuilding all of your app's UI, on iOS and Android, and making sure you have a solid API.

Get your app built at a fraction of the cost

Forget about native or hybrid app development, Slide is the fastest and cheapest way to get an app out there to your users.

Join hundreds of happy customers

See what they have to say about their apps

Dave Yankowiak

The actual native app is what makes it easy for people. They don't have to log in every time. It's right on their home screen, they can tap the icon!

Dave Yankowiak — Michael Hyatt & Company
Chris Burhans

I'll never forget the day that we went live and that we were able to post on social media telling everybody to download our new app. It was almost as if our entire company took a step forward by allowing us to be present in the Apple Store, in Google Play.

Chris Burhans — Founder, Sports Mockery
Pete Mitchell

I didn't want to learn any of the techy side because of the changes that constantly happen with the operating systems for both Android and Apple. Every time there's a change, your app has to be updated, so I was eternally grateful that I went with them, they were always there for me.

Pete Mitchell — Founder, Profit Hacking Solutions

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